Introducing e911 Geolocation on P3 Mobile!

When you're on the go and have an emergency, seconds count. P3 Mobile helps emergency services find you when you're away from home.

P3 Mobile brings you the best features and experience in the industry.

Available now on Android and iOS!




Text Chat

Easily share information

Never repeat a long number again

Clarify unique words





Send a Number

No need to switch apps

Easily tell your interpreter who you want to call next

No more spelling out numbers





Contact List Sorting

Sort your contacts the way you want

Quickly find the name you need to call





PurpleMail Greeting

Quickly customize your PurpleMail greeting from anywhere

Manage your PurpleMail greetings from your phone

Review, record or delete your PurpleMail greeting





Block Unwanted Callers

No more logging into your web account to block unwanted callers

You can now do it right from your phone





Number Lookup*

Easily find phone numbers

Quickly conduct map searches

No switching apps

Powered by Google Maps



And everything else you love...

Choice of Themes*

Contact Photos*

Full-screen Notifications*

Purple ONE Number


POP integration

Select English or Spanish VI

1-line and 2-line VCO

*NEW to Android!

Available now!

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Frequently Asked Questions - P3 Mobile

Two different visual interface themes: Choose between two background colors for your app. Whatever fits your mood, the light and dark options are there.

Number Lookup: Search local businesses via directory listings or map pins, powered by GPS, without having to leave the app

Contact Photos: Add photos to contacts in your address book

Two different visual interface themes: Choose between two background colors for your app. Whatever fits your mood, the light and dark options are there.

Increased Reliability: Put your communication needs to ease with Purple’s reliable platform and interpreters

iOS Integrated Calling and Apple Watch Notification: Receive full-screen notifications on your Apple device and alerts on your Apple Watch at the moment a call is incoming.

Label multiple phone numbers under a contact: Add many phone numbers to a contact and label them (Home, Work, etc.)

Announce Relay and Special Instructions: Let your interpreter know the important details prior to a VRS call

Front and Back Camera Switching: Show your caller what is in front of you and what is behind your device by switching the camera

Faster Launching: Make the phone call you need faster than normal. No need to wait for the app to load.

To use P3 Mobile, you must have an iOS device with either a cellular data or a Wi-Fi connection and a registered Purple number.

You do not need a separate number to use P3 Mobile. Just like with any other Purple VP or app, you use the same Purple number! If someone knows your Purple number, they will be able to reach you via your P3 Mobile app!

If you're a current ZVRS user, you will need to apply for a Purple number if you don't already have one.
Yes, your Apple device will flash its screen and/or vibrate when you get an incoming call.
To switch between the light and dark user interface themes, go to Settings, then tap on “Theme” and select which theme (Light or Dark) you want to use.
You can look up local businesses via directory listings using data from Google Maps. Once you locate a business, you can make a call right there in P3 Mobile via Purple VRS.
Go to Dial then tap on the magnifying glass icon.

Then, type in a business name or a keyword in the Search box.

Once the search results come up with pins on the map, tap on the location you desire and click on the “Call” button.

You will be connected to a Purple VRS interpreter right away!
You can add a photo to a new or an existing contact in your P3 Mobile.

To add a photo to a new contact, create a new contact by tapping the icon on the upper right corner. Tap on “Add Photo” and choose between “Take Photo” to take a photo right away or “Choose Photo” to choose a photo from your device’s Camera Roll.

To add a photo to an existing contact, open the contact in Contacts and tap on “Edit”. Then, tap on “Add Photo” and choose between “Take Photo” or “Choose Photo”.

Once a photo is selected, adjust the thumbnail before tapping on “Choose” to confirm. Then, tap on “Save” to save the photo to your contact!

Don’t worry! Purple’s Customer Care team can be contacted at 877-885-3172 so we can help you get your POP working!

You can also try Live Chat at the top of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions - E911 Geolocation

Geolocation is the ability to determine your location by using the GPS feature in your mobile phone or your distance from cellphone towers, or Wi-Fi access points.

With geolocation, your geographical location can be shared with E911 call center staff so that they can dispatch help to where you are currently located, instead of to your Registered Location on file.

This is especially helpful with mobile devices when you are away from your Registered Location (usually at your home or your office).

First, you need to upgrade to the latest version of P3 Mobile or Z5 Mobile, for either iOS or Android.

Second, you must make sure to agree to the new end-user license agreement (EULA) in the upgraded P3 Mobile or Z5 Mobile app. You must also give permission for P3 Mobile or Z5 Mobile to use the device location (aka GPS location). If you’ve already given permission to use device location in the past (such as for Number Lookup), you won’t need to give this permission again.

You will see the new EULA and possibly the permission request for device location after you upgrade your P3 Mobile or Z5 Mobile app and launch these apps.

Once the new EULA is accepted and the permission for device location is given, then your geolocation will be automatically used when you make an E911 relay call.

Our geolocation provider was not able to process your E911 address. Please contact Customer Support to resolve the issue.

Yes. In the text chat between you and the VI, you will see the latest approximate address based on converting your GPS coordinates to the best possible street address. Your GPS will be checked periodically while you are on the E911 call to see if your location changes; if that happens, a new approximate address will appear in the text chat.

No, geolocation is only available on mobile devices*, including tablets with LTE connection or WiFi capabilities.

*mobile devices include iPhones and Android phones. Tablets include iPads and Samsung Tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions - E911 Geolocation (Spanish)

La geolocalización es la capacidad de determinar su ubicación utilizando la función GPS de su teléfono móvil o su distancia a torres de telefonía móvil o puntos de acceso Wi-Fi.

Con la geolocalización, su ubicación geográfica puede ser compartida con el personal del centro de llamadas E911 para que puedan enviar ayuda al lugar donde se encuentra actualmente, en lugar de a su ubicación registrada en el archivo.

Esto es especialmente útil con dispositivos móviles cuando está lejos de su Ubicación Registrada (normalmente en su casa u oficina).

En primer lugar, debe actualizar a la última versión de P3 Mobile o Z5 Mobile, ya sea para iOS o Android.

En segundo lugar, debe asegurarse de aceptar el nuevo contrato de licencia de usuario final (CLUF) de la aplicación actualizada P3 Mobile o Z5 Mobile. También debe dar permiso para que P3 Móvil o Z5 Móvil utilicen la ubicación del dispositivo (también conocida como ubicación GPS). Si ya ha dado permiso para utilizar la ubicación del dispositivo en el pasado (por ejemplo, para la búsqueda de números), no necesitará dar este permiso de nuevo.

Verá el nuevo CLUF y posiblemente la solicitud de permiso para la localización del dispositivo después de actualizar su aplicación P3 Mobile o Z5 Mobile e iniciar estas aplicaciones.

Una vez aceptado el nuevo CLUF y concedido el permiso para la localización del dispositivo, su geolocalización se utilizará automáticamente cuando realice una llamada de retransmisión E911.

Nuestro proveedor de geolocalización no ha podido procesar su dirección E911. Póngase en contacto con el servicio de atención al cliente para resolver el problema.

Sí. En el chat de texto entre usted y el VI, verá la última dirección aproximada basada en la conversión de sus coordenadas GPS a la mejor dirección de calle posible. Su GPS se comprobará periódicamente mientras esté en la llamada al E911 para ver si su ubicación cambia; si eso ocurre, aparecerá una nueva dirección aproximada en el chat de texto.

No. Por el momento, la geolocalización sólo está disponible para teléfonos móviles con GPS. Estamos considerando añadir en el futuro la geolocalización a otros dispositivos como portátiles, ordenadores de escritorio, OneVP y Portal.