Stunning Quality and Design

Together, Cisco and Purple have created a next generation video collaboration experience. With Cisco’s cutting-edge hardware and sleek style, a capacitive touchscreen and Purple’s clean, intuitive user interface, the new P70 is designed to bring stunning HD quality to your home or office communication.





Video Quality

Crystal clear quality, now coming to Purple.






All of the P70’s features are right at your fingertips.





ONE Number

Now you can add the P70 to the list of multiple Purple devices that use the same phone number.





Number Lookup

Look up local businesses via directory listings or map pins. Powered by Google Maps.



And more!

Highly qualified interpreters

Bluetooth enabled for up to three connections (i.e. Firefly, keyboard, and headset)

POP integration

sivo available!

Built in 1080p HD adjustable web cam with zoom, tilt, and pan capability

Email & SMS call alerts for incoming calls

Custom video mail (PurpleMail) greeting

Dark and light themes

External monitor capability

HD Touch screen display

Spanish interpreters available

Privacy keypad

Adjustable self-view

Shared contact list across all of your Purple apps/devices

Perfect for VCO users with clear sound and a state of the art microphone




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Frequently Asked Questions - P70

Make sure your P70 is plugged in or touch the power button to turn it on.

Make sure the Ethernet Cable on your P70 is plugged in the right network port on the P70.

Click on the “Video Camera” icon on the upper right corner of your screen while you are in a call.

Please rotate the silver ring on the camera to open the camera’s privacy shutter.

  • Go to Firefly on your P70.
  • If your Firefly set is not turned on, you will notice “No Firefly devices nearby” on your P70 screen.
  • When you turn your Firefly set on, it will take some time for the P70 and the Firefly set to find each other over Bluetooth. Once they do, you will see “Firefly xxxx – Tap to Pair.” Tap that.
  • After you have tapped to pair, you will notice that the P70 and the Firefly are now communicating with each other. There is no action needed from you at this time.
  • When your P70 and the Firefly set are paired with each other, you will see “Connected – Tap to Disconnect.”
  • Enjoy your Firefly set!
  • You can do a self-test on your Firefly’s connection to the P70 by tapping on “Start Test”.
  • When you tap on Self Test, your connected Firefly set will flash, which means they are working as they should be!
  • Enjoy your Firefly set!

Don’t worry! Purple’s Customer Care team can be contacted at 877-885-3172 so we can help you get your P70 working!

You can also try Live Chat at the top of this page.